Why GunTaco

GunTaco™ by ProShooterGear

I used to cringe each time I would place my beloved Perazzi onto a weathered gun rack, sometimes alongside a $50,000 Perazzi or a $100,000 Fabbri, all equally vulnerable to wear and tear from the damaged rack; A noticeable bluing wear on the ribs and barrels, bent soft-aluminum ribs, and knocked off middle beads on these beautiful pieces were an all too familiar and disconcerting sight.

Don’t get me wrong, the Remington 870 is a fantastic, long-lasting, and reliable shotgun. But, if you invest twenty times as much into a gun, it only makes sense to invest in its care comparatively, if for no better reason but to keep its value up. I found myself wondering, “Is there a better way to protect these cherished possessions from a worn and often damaged rack?”

Enter GunTaco™! I had seen similar products before, but none of them were versatile enough for me to consider as an ideal solution. I had seen a smaller sized “Barrel Taco”, which is two pieces of leather joined together with magnets inside. I had also seen “Gun Cleaning Cloth Sheepskin”, which is plush and protective, but impossible to attach to my barrels. The solution has since become clear to me; I simply combined these two ideas into an all-in-one solution, GunTaco™.

GunTaco™ is a good-quality, strong, lightweight, durable, moisture-absorbing, and ergonomic barrel protection for the cost of three boxes of shells, a small price to pay for piece of mind.

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